When I started my business in the early nineties, I concentrated on word processing and desktop publishing. But within a few years the World Wide Web opened up a new field of expertise and I became fascinated by web design. 

After learning to create web pages by writing html code in Notepad I was truly hooked, and invested in Dreamweaver, a rather daunting web design program. I eventually managed to make a couple of presentable websites and then embarked on my first public site, for a heritage railway society. It was well received, and things grew steadily from there.

However, the idea of using my own name on the Internet made me nervous. Then 'skinnycat' popped up in a password assigned for an online service, and I liked the sound of it. So I've been Skinnycat Design ever since.

Besides working on websites, I enjoy designing layouts for printing, including leaflets, event programmes and newsletters.

about this website

The site is built using Joomla! content management system with a template from FavThemes that I've customised.

The background images were created in Photoshop from one of my own photographs.  

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